Joakim Eneroth is represented with this work at MEP, Paris, France and
The Museum of Fine Art of Houston, USA,
Part of this work was exhibited at the Guandong Museum of Modern Art, China,
The art book Short Stories of the Transparent Mind will be realeased by the american publisher
Powerhouse Books New York, in May 2010.

Text by the artist Bill Viola:
Short Stories of the Transparent Mind

Joakim Eneroth’s new work of images and texts, “Short Stories of the Transparent Mind,” is the vivid record of a personal journey to uncover the fundamental emptiness that lies beyond and beneath our day-to-day experience of the world. Punctuated by stark and sometimes personally revealing texts, he presents us with a series of striking photographs – naked, vulnerable figures standing in a nocturnal landscape; empty rooms miraculously animated by light and mind; a jumble of footprints, tracks, and vacant streets leading nowhere; signs emptied of their meaning, rooms emptied of their contents and individuals emptied of their personas and limitations.

Eneroth’s spiritual practice, and his camera’s trained inner eye, allows him to peel back the layers of the self and the external surfaces that obstruct our inner vision. The result is a profound meditation on the key Buddhist concepts of Impermanence and Emptiness in contemporary life, and the fullness that emerges within us when our inner mirror is finally polished and the clutter long blocking our vision is cleansed. Joakim Eneroth has said that his goal is to reach the point when “the story line fades away” and we arrive at “a moment of being no one going nowhere.” His is a journey we all should take.

– Bill Viola


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